Reputation management during a crisis

Tim Miller writes...

In the past few weeks several high profile brands have found themselves in the media spotlight for the wrong reasons.

First was Ryanair which announced it was cancelling up to 50 flights a day for the next month due to ‘messing up’ (in their words) its allocation of holiday time for pilots, affecting over half a million customers.

Facebook similarly faced a self-inflicted crisis when it was revealed offensive content could be targeted through its advertising system to sympathetic groups and, to make matters worse, the social network had no idea it was going on.

Finally, the taxi app Uber is still battling criticism over driver background checks after TFL announced it would not be renewing their licence due to the company not being ‘fit and proper’.

All of these examples have been described as a ‘PR crisis’ for the firms involved.

For any organisation in a similar situation, if handled poorly, not only can it cause significant damage to your business in the short term but the longer term impact upon your reputation can be hard to recover from.

So, what should you do if you find yourself facing a media or public backlash?

1.  Anticipate a crisis and have a plan in place. Preparation is key when responding to a crisis and it is essential you already have plans ready to go. Think about the likely scenarios which could affect your reputation and develop a crisis response strategy for each. These should include draft statements, a list of key media contacts and stakeholders. Remember to regularly review and update your plans on a regular basis.

2. Recognise there is a problem. One of the biggest mistakes organisations make when facing a crisis is burying their heads in the sand and keeping quiet, hoping the problem will go away. This creates a vacuum for speculation and false information which can quickly spiral out of control. People want to see you understand their concerns and are seeking to address them.

3. Respond quickly, but accurately. The first 24 hours are crucial and in today’s 24/7 world of social media it doesn’t take long for stories to gain momentum, so even the first few hours can be important to manage. A quick response is important but make sure you understand the situation first before rushing out a statement which you later need to backtrack on. When it comes to statements, follow the CAR approach: show Concern, explain what Action you are taking and state the Remedy you will be putting in place to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

4. Be proactive. After your initial statement don’t go quiet. Provide regular updates and an estimated timescale for further responses. Monitor the situation carefully for new developments and, if appropriate, create a dedicated website support page. If a crisis stems from a mistake you have made, an apology can go a long way.

5. Monitor social media. Stories often break first on social media, particularly Twitter, long before they hit the papers. Make sure you provide regular updates on Twitter and answer any questions that come through. You should also monitor keywords relating to the crisis to understand the discussions going on and intervene if necessary.

For more information on the reputation management support we offer, get in touch with us today on 01473 326400.



Hello. Welcome to Genesis.

As an award-winning PR agency in Ipswich, Suffolk, we offer a full range of services to promote awareness of your brands. Our expertise takes in everything from PR, reputation and media relations to social and digital channels, SEO and press office services.

PR, Social and Digital

We start by understanding your goals

Digital and social media have changed the media landscape completely and our expertise includes traditional PR techniques, which are still very relevant today, as well as the new opportunities of social media marketing.
Our approach is to develop the PR strategy and tactics which directly support our clients’ aims and objectives. We begin by understanding what it is they want to achieve and immerse ourselves in their business and markets before combining the right channels and platforms in the PR plan.

To prove our effectiveness and to further develop and enhance campaigns, we provide month by month reporting and analysis, evaluating campaigns and providing the return on investment on which our strong client partnerships are based.

PR strategy

Insightful and strategic, we take time to understand what makes our clients tick before devising the right PR strategies, campaigns and programmes which support their goals.

Our approach embeds sound advice and workable strategies with creative ideas and pragmatic delivery. All from a highly professional PR team.

Media relations

Proactive, news savvy and timely, we know how to make a good story, whatever the target media. We identify the news angles, generate the right content and create the coverage which forms the foundation of great PR.

As well as national, trade and specialist media (print and digital) we are also PR specialists in delivering UK-wide coverage into local and regional media titles.

Social, digital and SEO

We integrate creative social and digital PR with strategic SEO to maximise our clients' online visibility and audience engagement. Our expertise is in creating the content and using social and digital channels to spark interactions and conversations which sustain interest and help build relationships and brand reputation.

Our social and digital campaigns can be standalone or integrated with traditional PR and press office activities.

Thought leadership

We build reputations by increasing our clients’ visibility and their share of voice in their market, increasing earned media mentions online and offline.

Our thought leadership PR focuses on building our clients’ credibility as authoritative spokespersons on the subjects which matter most. We make it our business to understand the topics and trends which are the talking points and use our expertise to make our clients the ‘go-to’ source for comment.

Press office management

The Genesis press office service supports each client with a highly efficient and responsive operation with agreed protocols for each client’s media enquiry management.

As well as reactive handling of media calls we are always proactive in identifying additional opportunities which arise daily from the breaking news agenda.

Stakeholder relations

Influencing your stakeholders’ perception is at the core of good reputation management. We help our clients to analyse stakeholders, manage relationships and engage with the right people in the most effective way, influencing opinions and creating positive brand image.

See more of our services

Public affairs

We make it our business to understand the changing face of local and national politics and how this affects our clients. We advise on, create and implement public affairs programmes which influence political agendas, build positive relations and change hearts and minds. Our public affairs expertise is at every level.

Reputation Management

We closely monitor and analyse how clients are perceived through the media and advise on the strategies and plans to address reputational issues. Our expertise includes managing negative and sensitive issues and creating positive PR to help repair client reputations where trust has been lost.

Event Management

Our event management expertise includes large scale (350+ people) conferences, corporate events and awards ceremonies. We deliver the end-to-end solution from event creative and planning to speakers, stage management and speech writing. Our PR for clients also frequently includes smaller scale customer events including (for the healthcare sector) patient engagement events.

Crisis management

If things go wrong for our clients, we provide the PR advice and expertise to help them navigate their way through the issue and minimise reputational damage. Our crisis management service offers a strategic approach based on a tested framework of procedures, templates and training.

SEO Specialist Service

With our experience and expertise in PR and social media marketing we are best placed to create the digital content which will maximise links, gain brand exposure and drive traffic to your website. We work with our SEO specialists to deliver strategies for our clients that achieve sustainable ‘page 1’ search engine rankings.

Creative and design

Our print and online graphic design studio is part of our full agency marketing and public relations service. We offer creative communications solutions that deliver impact and cut-through, from brand design, websites and brochureware to magazines and corporate reports, blending impactful copy writing with stunning design to deliver excellent results.

Corporate Communications

We go beyond the expected to get our clients into the news

Our business-to-business team provides expert corporate public relations, helping private and public sector organisations to reach and engage with business audiences or influence debate amongst opinion formers and key influencers.

We provide a PR agency service which goes beyond the expected to get our clients into the news, creating the media exposure to build brand awareness and reputation, as well as drive enquires and sales. We are highly effective in distilling complex issues into compelling PR strategies which achieve the desired outcomes.

For clients with a UK-wide network, or representation in specific regions, we have particular expertise in creating and delivering PR campaigns to engage local business audiences and raise awareness through targeted regional media relations.

See our services and please get in touch to discuss your needs.

Sector experience includes:

  • Automotive
  • Building Societies
  • Business Services
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Engineering
  • Financial services
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Information Technology
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing
  • Professional Services
  • Property and development
  • Public Sector
  • Trade Associations
  • Training

Case Studies

Grant Thornton is the UK’s fifth largest accountancy firm and we deliver PR for them across the East of England and East Midlands. Our campaigns to maximise PR for their ‘Limited’ initiatives generated extensive broadcast and business press coverage which has positioned Grant Thornton as an authority on their target mid-sized business segment. New client wins and new quality prospects with good probability of conversion are achieved.

“Genesis PR works hard to squeeze every last drop of PR out of each of our Limited initiatives, ensuring we gain maximum possible coverage to help reinforce our market position as the region’s leading advisory firm. Their work has raised the profile of the events to unparalleled levels providing an invaluable boost to our business development.”
James Brown,
Practice Leader


OFTEC is the UK’s trade body and authoritative voice for the oil heating industry. The PR campaigns we created in 2013/14 promoted the OFTEC name and what it stands for, and pre-empted the Government’s green announcements with hard-hitting, factual counter-arguments for national media. Our constant source of authoritative news stories, opinion pieces and comment is targeted to relevant trade and consumer media. 

“Genesis’ work and outputs have undoubtedly contributed to some key business objectives. Their extensive coverage in regional media has directly supported an uplift of new boiler sales of nearly 10% year-on-year, while their actions in national media, we believe, has gone a long way towards neutralising publicity on new Government schemes which pose a significant threat to our industry.”
Jeremy Hawksley,
Director General


We created a set of activities for 220 local Regus business centres to promote the Regus network and build the reputation of Regus centres as the flexible workplace which frees businesses to work more effectively. As well as gaining substantial media coverage, the activities brought in fresh footfall and helped create and build relationships with other businesses and organisations in their local areas.

“Genesis PR came to us with the concept of using community activities as a way of raising the profile of our 220 UK business centres in local media. They delivered three timely and highly effective campaigns which directly contributed to heightening the awareness of the Regus brand and our network, as well as delivering fresh footfall into our centres with, no doubt, many new customer sign-ups. The team worked highly proactively and tirelessly to ensure these campaigns were a success.”
Henry Collinge,
UK and EMEA PR and
Communications Manager

Consumer Engagement

Creative ideas and strategies which work

We help businesses, community interest companies, charities and public sector organisations to engage with consumer audiences. We help clients to connect, inform and engage with their customers and deliver campaigns UK-wide as well as to specific regions or audiences.

From achieving sign-ups to mass participation events or healthy lifestyle services to driving consumer product sales, our work generates the positive PR and wide media coverage which meets our clients’ goals,

The simplest, most creative ideas usually work best and our consumer PR team knows how to generate the timely news hooks, great photos and newsworthy content which make compelling human interest stories.

Where engaging face-to-face is part of the strategy, we create compelling social marketing and meaningful events which target consumers will want to attend. Our end-to-end service includes a high quality evaluation report with analysis and interpretation of consumer feedback.

See our services and please get in touch to discuss your needs.

Sector experience includes:

  • Accountancy
  • Automotive
  • Building Societies
  • Charities
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups
  • Education
  • Financial Services
  • Health private and public
  • Housing and development
  • Legal
  • Local Government
  • NHS
  • Property
  • Restaurants
  • Social Care
  • Sport and leisure
  • Third Sector
  • Training

Case Studies


We worked directly with 40 Ford car dealerships to build their profile and reputation in their local markets. This PR won the ‘Best Automotive Campaign’ at the 2012 CIPR Excellence Awards. The strategy involved a group-wide CSR programme of activities that created news stories that could be replicated easily across all dealerships to generate widespread local coverage. In 12 months we generated 1,161 items of local/regional media with 46.6 million Opportunities to See. 98% of coverage included at least two key messages.

“Genesis PR works very proactively to gain significant positive media exposure. We are impressed with how they instigate PR activities which directly contribute to our strategic objectives.”
Chris Hayden,
(ex) Chairman & CEO,
Ford Retail


We created and implemented the stakeholder engagement and communications strategy for the launch of NEEDS, a new NHS integrated diabetes service in North East Essex. This effectively built awareness and understanding of the new service and engaged patients to directly help shape the final service delivery plan. Tactics involved face-to-face patient engagement, the leveraging of partners and stakeholders, support for patient forums and the use of social media as part of an integrated PR and marketing plan.

“Genesis PR took the NEEDS service from early concept stage to successful launch in a highly cost effective way. Their excellent feedback and evaluation report is being used to demonstrate how we listened and acted on the ideas of patients.”
David Pannell,
Chief Executive, Suffolk GP
Federation CIC

Live Well Suffolk

Commissioned by Suffolk County Council, Live Well Suffolk is the county-wide healthy lifestyles service aimed at reducing smoking prevalence and obesity across the county’s population. A programme of integrated campaigns has included ‘Where’s the sugar monster?’ which engaged 5-11 year-olds and their parents by targeting primary schools. The campaign raised awareness of the hidden dangers of sugar and generated 105 enquiries to Live Well Suffolk’s child weight management service as well as 15 press and radio items.

“Genesis has supported us fantastically. They provide top class support in developing and managing branding, websites, marketing and PR campaigns.” 
Tim Roberts,
Managing Director,
Thrive Tribe

About Us

Flexible, responsive and dependable

Genesis PR provides a PR and marketing service that is strategic and hands-on; passionate, dedicated and always committed to delivering the best we can by going the extra mile.

Who we are

Who we are

One of the top PR agencies in East Anglia, we are amongst the most dedicated and friendly PR companies you’ll meet.

Based near Ipswich in Suffolk we work with national and regional clients in corporate PR, business-to-business PR and consumer engagement. Our PR services are comprehensive and we have been recognised with numerous awards.

How we work

How we work

Our client relationships begin with us immersing ourselves in their business, goals, markets, customers and stakeholders.

We then work creatively to develop programmes and campaigns with ‘cut-through’ and which deliver the client’s desired outcomes. Our PR consultancy has a genuine desire to do the best for each client we work with. Being proactive, flexible and responsive, we work as an extension to in-house resource.


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CIPR National Excellence Awards CIPR National Excellence Awards
CIPR National Excellence Awards CIPR National Excellence Awards
CIPR National Excellence Awards CIPR National Excellence Awards
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2012 CIPR PRide Awards - East Anglia 2012 CIPR PRide Awards - East Anglia
CIPR  National Excellence Awards 2012 CIPR  National Excellence Awards 2012

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Training and development is provided both on and off the job and we have created our own PR Induction programme for employees new to the industry. Our employee perks include free CIPR membership so everyone can make full use of the CPD and online training content which is available from our professional membership body.

Our team likes the fact that we actively support local charities. They also enjoy our bi-monthly team lunches at a local pub – on the company - and the nice bottle of wine on their birthday. To top it all everyone gets a bottle of champagne for each new client win!

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Our Clients

Some of our current and previous clients:

Call Connection
Cloud Media Insight
Essex County Council
Great East Swim


“Genesis has supported us fantastically. They provide top class support in developing and managing our PR campaigns.”
Tim Roberts,
Managing Director,
Thrive Tribe
“Genesis PR works very proactively to gain significant positive media exposure. They instigate PR activities which directly contribute to our strategic objectives.”
Chris Hayden,
(ex) Ford Retail

“Genesis PR squeezes every last drop of PR out of each opportunity, ensuring we gain maximum possible coverage to help reinforce our market position.”
James Brown,
Grant Thornton

“Genesis’ work and outputs have undoubtedly contributed to our key business objectives.”
Jeremy Hawksley,

“Genesis has taken the Social Worker of the Year Awards to new heights, securing the support of Ministers, recruiting corporate partners and winning new sponsors.”
James Rook,
Sanctuary Social Care

“Genesis PR took our service from early concept stage to successful launch in a highly cost effective way.”
David Pannell,
Suffolk GP Federation

“Genesis had a direct positive impact on the way we engaged with our service users in a meaningful way, ensuring their voice was not only heard but acted upon.”
Sarah Mitchell,
NE Essex Clinical
Commissioning Group

“We needed a local PR company with great contacts, an understanding of the local media landscape and a passion for our brand. We chose Genesis PR.”
Philippa Morrow,
Communications Manager,
Nova International

“What impressed me was the very creative way Genesis PR generated opportunities which wouldn’t ordinarily have been there. The publicity met our objectives.”
Colin Grogan,
Suffolk County Council

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Genesis has appointed Jack Alderton as Digital Account Executive to expand its growing service as a fully-integrated PR and digital agency. Jack
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