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The Importance of Grammar in The Digital Age

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Posted: 06/12/2016 Written by: Chloe Atkins

In a world where you’re limited to 140 characters, where ‘LOL’ is in the Oxford English Dictionary and where your text messages can be instantly emoji-fied, it can be difficult to argue the point for proper punctuation and grammar.

The written landscape in PR is changing from lengthy press releases and chunky corporate brochures to as-it-happens news shared with the world, instantly. Online news sites, blogs and social media – there is a digital thirst for fresh content and it can be difficult to keep up when you’re hurriedly typing away with one thumb on a smartphone-sized keyboard. When an emoji can say a thousand words, grammar can easily be overlooked.


Yet it is because of the fast-paced digital age that grammar is ever more important. It gives meaning to our writing and defines our work. Whilst a misspelled word, a missing comma or a misplaced apostrophe might seem like a small issue, it’s something that your social media followers won’t forget.


Donald Trump is causing a stir in the US for many reasons, including his error-ridden Tweets. For someone who is working hard to prove his credibility as the President-elect, his grammatically controversial quotes (as well as his shoot-from-the-hip style) have caused a backfire from Twitter users worldwide.


If you’re promoting your business to new audiences, you need to prove your integrity and attention to detail. Poor grammar will leave a stain on the internet and your reputation, so it’s always best to make sure your digital profile is in good hands.


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