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Sharpen your marketing weaponry for the post-Brexit age

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Posted: 31/01/2020 Written by: Penny Arbuthnot

Brexit has hung over the economy for the past few years, but with the government now having more decision-making power and the national mood improving, it’s a good time to sharpen your marketing weaponry to take full advantage.

In terms of lessons learnt, no matter what your political views are, the general election made a key PR point: that it’s so important to have a clear message.


‘Get Brexit done’ was the winning message of the General Election. Its purposefulness and clarity showed an intention over the other political parties, which paid off.


It doesn’t matter what sector you are in Brexit will have an impact one way or another, so there’s no better time to sit down and look at your PR and marketing to ensure your own message resonates with your target audiences at every touchpoint with your brand.


Now’s the time to look afresh at each channel – from your social media to your website, from what you are saying in the media through to direct activity with your target audiences. All aspects need to work together and align with your brand narrative, key messages and values.


Don’t be afraid to challenge your thinking around your marketing communications and to evolve your approach for today’s digital world, where business and brand value is intrinsically linked with reputation, trust and transparency.


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