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Our Approach

At Genesis we use i-thinking®.
We created it to maximise the PR, marketing and digital opportunities of today.

What sets us apart is our skilled and passionate team who genuinely care about our clients and the work we do for them. As well as the experience, expertise and capability, we use a four-step methodology which ensures that results are delivered in the optimum way – to quality, time and budget.

Our 4-step process approach…

“The professional PR advice and consistent media coverage that Genesis has achieved has had a real impact across the Foundation in helping us to meet our goals.” Graham Watson, Director - The Seckford Foundation
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PR, Messaging & Content


Discover is the first step. We deep dive to understand the present and what may lie ahead: including your business goals, opportunities and challenges, as well as your markets, audiences and competitors.

This short and focused immersion gives everyone the levels of clarity, purpose and direction which are needed for the journey ahead.


Create is the second step. The wealth of insight gathered at the discover step is crystallised to create the strategy – integrating, exploiting and maximising all appropriate channels to impact, influence and inspire.

Target markets and audiences are profiled, core messages crafted, content ideas brought to life and the best routes to market defined.


Activate, the third step, is the core of what we do. The implementation of the strategy and plan, delivering inspiring and award-winning programmes and campaigns that drive KPI achievement.

Our responsive and agile delivery adds value, and our client-agency relationship grows stronger because there’s clear visibility of what’s being delivered and transparency on the impact being achieved.


Evaluate is the step of the cycle to report, reflect and refine. It’s where client and agency learn what’s worked and where the data comes into play to shape future thinking.

The metrics across all channels are analysed and performance against KPIs assessed. The outputs, outcomes and return on investment are brought together in insightful Impact Reports.

Online Optimisation

Online optimisation is just that. Genesis i-thinking® integrates related specialist fields to supercharge website optimisation for clients:

Content Management which keeps websites fresh and appealing; Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to achieve quality website traffic and page 1 search rankings; User Experience (UX) which examines and improves website journeys along with Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) to convert web visits to enquiries.

Digital Marketing

A highly cost effective way to drive web traffic, enquiries and new business. Digital marketing complements PR, social media and online optimisation. Its success relies on deep audience insight, compelling creatives, pinpoint targeting and daily fine-tuning.

Only a team of specialists can truly deliver the impactful results to be enjoyed through search, social, display, remarketing and email campaigns.

Brand Assets

The brand is the pillar on which corporate reputation stands. Brand assets are about creating impact and influencing perceptions through compelling branding and creating materials target audiences will relate to and take action on, whether offline or online.

Included is brand identity development, graphic design for the full spectrum of marketing collateral, and a comprehensive video production capability. All delivered with consistent brand feel and created as part of an integrated plan.

Social Media

Social media can’t be ignored and its influence will only increase. Getting it right requires expertise, resource and a planned approach, with metrics to evaluate what works.

The co-managed approach with clients can work well and we use the Genesis ‘5 steps to social media success’ to achieve your outcomes: 1. analysis and strategy, 2. platform optimisation, 3. content creation, 4. follower recruitment, 5. monetisation – converting social audiences into brand advocates and customers.

PR, Messaging & Content

Messaging is the art of words, crafted with care for every audience and threaded through every piece of content in the strategy, igniting audiences at every angle of Genesis i-thinking®.

PR is the beating heart of any strategy to build awareness, reputation and engagement, or influence perception, attitudes and behaviour.

Integrated programmes & campaigns

The Genesis art of integration is to create synergy between different channels and tactics, and to make optimum use of PR, social media, digital marketing and brand assets.

We have created the Genesis i-thinking® solution to supercharge this integration, using a four step approach:
Discover > Create > Activate > Evaluate.
Using this approach, we work with clients to develop the right communications formula to achieve impact, influence audiences and inspire results.