Why Genesis?

Why choose Genesis

If you are weighing up the pros and cons of working with an agency versus recruiting new in-house resource, here’s 12 reasons why using an agency like Genesis is likely to be your best option:


  1. You have access to a team of specialists in one place – PR, media (former journalists), social media, website, SEO, UX, digital marketing, graphic design, video
  2. We can make an immediate start – and make an immediate and lasting impact
  3. You have a dedicated account team with sector expertise who are quick to learn
  4. We have the ability to act quickly, be flexible and responsive to what you need, when you need it
  5. You can measure us by our results – our Impact Reports give you visibility and transparency on what we’ve achieved
  6. We bring fresh thinking and an external and independent perspective built on our experience of different industries and sectors
  7. You have access to experienced strategic advice and a sounding board for all your marketing
  8. We get the job done – to time, quality and budget, working with your in-house team but without being a drain or distraction from their own goals and activity
  9. You don’t need to spend time or waste cost recruiting and training additional people because you have access to a whole team of specialists with Genesis
  10. We find the answers and self-learn. We won’t waste any of your management overhead in coming up to speed with what you do or where you operate
  11. You don’t need to risk hiring people and then losing them which can damage your workflow – we are equipped to backfill and bring on extra resource immediately
  12. We use i-thinking® and our tried and tested four-step approach to ensure results are delivered in the optimum way