Crisis Management

Experienced in crisis management, we understand the best ways that your business can prepare for such an event and can provide an effective and specialised crisis planning service as well as expertise and support when the worst happens.

In today’s multi-media digital world it’s critical that you have a plan in place and media experts ready to assist. Preparation is key because when a crisis hits, you need to take control quickly and manage the messages which media and social online channels will send viral.  It’s likely that you will be remembered more for how you manage the media and show care for the people the crisis affects than for the issue itself.

We help prepare our clients with a tested crisis management framework and we will work with you to identify the possible scenarios and work through how each one could be managed in the event that the worst happens.

Crisis Management

The crisis plan defines the core team, their roles and the processes which will kick in when crisis strikes, from putting someone on the ground at the scene of the crisis to how media and social media will be managed throughout. We also think through with you how stakeholders should be informed and updated as the crisis unfolds.

A clear head in a crisis can be the difference between successfully protecting your reputation and doing it irreparable damage and this starts with being prepared.  In addition to helping our clients to prepare for the worst, we provide 24/7 crisis management advice and practical support to help manage any crisis professionally when it happens. 

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