Reputation Management

People are talking about your business and your brand. With a reputation being such a prized marketing asset, it needs to be managed and developed carefully as part of your marketing communications plan.

In today’s multi-connected world, there are many opportunities to connect with your customers, stakeholders, media and the wider public. Ensuring all of your PR, social media and marketing communications are working favourably to protect and manage your reputation is at the core of what we do.

The rise of online media has also seen a rise in the number of platforms that promote a two-way dialogue between brands and members of the public such as social media, review sites, forums and more, all of which allow users to publicly broadcast thoughts and opinions. These have the potential to work against you if not managed in an effective and well-considered way.

Reputation Management

Genesis will work with you to understand your business or organisation and develop an effective strategy and plan to build and manage your company or organisation’s reputation. This could start with a stakeholder analysis and reviewing the relative interest and influence of all the audiences which relate to what you do and what you want to achieve.

We’ll then create an effective communications plan with original PR techniques to develop the positive perceptions and increase the numbers of champions who can build value in your brand. We know how to use the right mix of tactics – from managing your reputation through the media and social media to getting the right messages to each stakeholder group in ways that build impact, influence and inspire. 

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