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PR for a digital world

The digital world has forever changed how people and business communicate and we have invested in our team and our services to create the Genesis ‘i-thinking’, advising and leading our clients in the new media landscape and optimising the opportunities of digital as part of an integrated PR approach

We deliver the quality of inspirational advice, ideas, expertise and agile service delivery which our clients need in order to build and manage their reputation, engage audiences and inspire change.

The Genesis i-thinking creates the right communications formula to deliver impact with target audiences, influence action and inspire the measurable outcomes which our clients want to achieve.

To prove our effectiveness and continuously enhance campaigns, we create month by month Impact Reports and quarterly more in-depth analysis, evaluating campaigns and giving clients the visibility of the return on their investment, showing tangible benefits and giving the added value on which strong client partnerships are built.

PR & Media Relations

We understand how the media works, we are news and politically savvy and we optimise press release content for today’s digital world, maximising every PR opportunity and giving added value for our clients as part of an integrated approach. We create the media content, editorials, features and comments which journalists want to publish and which achieve coverage where our clients want to be seen. 

Strategic Consultancy

Our clients rely on us as their trusted PR, media and marketing partner. The consultancy we provide helps business, marketing and communications directors develop the right corporate, product or service positioning which fits with who they are and what they want to achieve. We’ll then develop messaging, tone, style and strategy before rolling out the plan.

Reputation Management

Our clients are leaders and influencers in their sectors and their reputation is their most valuable asset. At Genesis we advise on the strategies and plans to propel our clients’ reputations to the next level. Our expertise includes managing negative or sensitive issues when they arise and implementing PR to build positive perceptions and relationships with the people who matter.

Stakeholder Relations

Influencing your stakeholders’ perception is at the core of good reputation management. We help our clients to analyse stakeholders, manage relationships and engage with the right people in the most effective way, influencing opinions and creating positive two-way relationships with stakeholders which create the conditions for better business and engaged communities.

Public Affairs

We advise on, create and implement public affairs programmes which influence Government policy, build positive relations with opinion formers and change hearts and minds. Our award-winning public affairs expertise is at every level.

Crisis Management

If things go wrong for our clients, we provide the PR advice and expertise to help them navigate their way through the issue and minimise reputational damage. Our crisis management service offers a strategic approach based on a tested framework of procedures, templates and training.

Content Creation

The creation of great content is at the core of every PR, social and digital marketing plan which we design and deliver for our clients. We start with defining the messages and channels before creating incisive, compelling content which appeals to and engages target audiences across PR, social and digital.

Social Media

Getting social media right requires a team of experts and a planned approach. From profile optimisation and content planning to a strategy which grows followers in a targeted way, attracting interest from the people you most want to engage and contributing cost-effectively to the achievement of marketing goals.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Get noticed and earn leads from search engines with Genesis’ comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation services. Our specialist digital team live and breathe SEO and consistently deliver our clients tangible results, achieving page one Google rankings for key search terms which increase website traffic.

Digital Advertising

Our digital marketing expertise helps clients achieve powerful results through targeted search, display and social medial advertising campaigns which we create and deliver, managing all the details which contribute to making effective, impactful results. We create striking digital copy and designs and use sophisticated audience data and analytics to target advertising and increase quality website traffic and leads.

Website Design, Build and Optimisation

Your website is the front door which beckons your audiences in to explore who you are and decide in a fraction of a second whether to do business with you or not. Our digital specialists work with clients to optimise the user experience of their websites by improving design, content and navigation. We also advise on and project manage new websites.

Branding and Design

Powerful design attracts audience attention, showcases your brand and builds a favourable reputation with the target audiences you want to influence or attract. We know what design at its best can achieve and we produce the quality of look and feel to all materials which our clients’ value highly as part of our full-service PR and marketing offer.

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