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At Genesis our five-stage holistic approach assists clients to understand the current performance of their social media channels and the potential to exploit new opportunities as part of their integrated PR and marketing plan.

We take social media to the next level, often working in a shared approach with clients in order to optimise the available in-house resource. We bring strategic expertise, a team of creative content experts and proven techniques for generating social engagement which gives return on investment as part of integrated programme.

Stage one is the foundations of strategy, where we first analyse and evaluate the current social media position and then develop the strategic plan. We go further in terms of aligning the social media strategy, plan and investment of resources as part of the client’s overall marketing communications programme.

Strategic Consultancy

We then (stage two) deliver a comprehensive profile optimisation service through maximising visibility of benefit statements and calls to action, with the goal of increasing the rate at which social users navigate directly to your website.

Stage three is where we plan, create, forward schedule and manage the social media content. We also deliver effective paid social campaigns that cut through the noise and impact your audience directly.

We create the right balance of content, using the three C’s of ‘created’ (our original content), ‘curated’ (spotting, commenting and sharing others’ content) and ‘commercial’ (the more direct messages and calls to action), ensuring our content is visual (think infographics, video, memes and more) and on message.

Stage four is about using our techniques for developing followers, growing audiences for our clients across their social media channels and for some clients, stage five (generating optimum return on investment) is what it’s all about – converting social media marketing into real customers and sales. Our LinkedIn prospecting service, for example, targets a highly defined potential customer base, makes connections for you, starts a conversation and establishes warm leads ready for you to follow up.

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