Strategic Consultancy

At Genesis we are always ready to advise and guide our clients on whatever marketing communications challenges they face. Our approach is always individual to each client, to understand your needs and then develop and deliver the right strategy and tactics. We create and deliver strategies which are on brand and on message and we manage the media and marketing at every level, giving you the reassurance of a trusted team of experts for today’s multi-media world.

We’ve created a bespoke approach which can sometimes start with a fresh look at your vision, mission, values and messages, which we create with you through a highly interactive workshop. This creates the framework from where the marketing communications strategy and plan can follow.

Strategic Consultancy

We like to first understand what it is you want to achieve. We immerse ourselves in your sector, markets and individual challenges. We take time to understand the range of stakeholders and the perceptions of your business or organisation, as well as the political, environmental, social and other factors which could affect perceptions, before creating the right communications formula to impact, influence and inspire whoever you want to reach.

Your goals as a client of Genesis, could, for example, be about increasing awareness and understanding of what you do in order to drive enquiries or sales leads via your website and/or footfall to branches or centres.

Or it could be to change audience behaviour – for example through targeted social marketing to specific communities or target audiences. We also advise on strategy and deliver practical tactics to influencing thinking – for example by improving stakeholder understanding of a particular environmental, political or industry issue.

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