Issue and Crisis Communications

Protecting and defending your reputation

A clear head in a crisis can be the difference between successfully protecting your reputation and doing it irreparable damage and this starts with being prepared.

Our PR and communications expertise provides an effective and specialised crisis communications planning service with 24/7 support should the worst happen. We provide a strategic approach based on a tested framework of systems and procedures, templates and training to manage and maintain your reputation in the event of a crisis.


Preparation is key because when a crisis hits, you need to take control quickly and manage the messages which media and social channels can take viral, impacting or destroying your reputation in no time.


We will work with you to identify the possible scenarios and decide how each one should be managed. The crisis plan defines the core team, their roles, and the processes which will kick in if a crisis strikes, from putting someone on the ground at the scene, to planning how media, social and stakeholders will be managed as the crisis unfolds.

“Genesis provided us with a detailed and comprehensive crisis and issues communications plan that has been proven to be effective. Their responsiveness and knowledge in handling fast-paced reputational matters is particularly commendable."
Ian Hassard, Managing Director - Dengie

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