Stakeholder Engagement

Developing positive two-way relationships

Engaging and building effective relationships with your key stakeholders can reap rewards. Let us devise and deliver your stakeholder strategy.

Our stakeholder engagement strategies begin with understanding the people whose opinions and perceptions will affect your company or organisation’s reputation. From customers, shareholders, partner organisations and employees to communities, politicians, local authorities, pressure groups and more. By mapping their levels of interest and influence we can begin to shape your stakeholder strategy.


Our team then creates the messages and content, and delivers tactical programmes which inform and engage your stakeholders to create the positive relationships you want to achieve, from email newsletters and briefing documents to one-to-one meetings and engagement events.


Throughout, we will advise and drive the strategy, developing effective communications campaigns to positively engage your stakeholders, influence opinions, change behaviours and inspire the positive relationships you need to support your goals.

“We have been delighted to work with Genesis who provided essential, expert communications support from the very beginning to the award-winning service it is today.”
Sheila Smyth, Director of Community Services - Suffolk GP Federation

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