Strategy and Planning

Creating winning strategies and plans

Our consultancy is individual to your business or marketing goals and you can rely on Genesis as a trusted source of advice and expertise.

We will create a strategy which aligns with what you want to achieve and which optimises the choice of media and marketing channels to impact the audiences that mean the most to your business. The added value we give is through our responsive service and on tap consultancy from a team of specialists.


Our approach is to first understand your goals and then develop and deliver the right strategy and tactics, always working with you to update and refine your marketing communications as your business and markets evolve.


We could, for example, start with a marketing workshop where we agree on target audiences, refine the messages, uncover your story, identify the news hooks and create ideas around the channels and tactics which will be used in your marketing communications plan.

Genesis identified the key objectives we were trying to achieve as a trade association, including the challenges we faced and then developed a comprehensive strategy which helped us meet our goals.”
Terry Tennens, Chief Executive - SAIF

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